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Following are some books under publication of Kessinger Publishing

The Apology, Phaedo & Crito of Plato/Golden Sayings of Epictetus/Meditations of Marcus Aurelius 2 Harvard ClassicsThe Golden Book of Marcus AureliusMarcus Aurelius: A Biography Told As Much As May Be By Letters, Together With Some Account Of The Stoic ReligionThe Vampire in England, Ireland and Some Latin LandsThe Splendid Idle Forties Stories of Old CaliforniaAgainst Heresies 2Against Heresies 5Against Heresies 1Against Heresies 4Christian Iconography or the History of Christian Art in the Middle Ages Part 2Ghosts, Helpful and HarmfulGnostic John the Baptizer: Selections from the Mandæan John-bookSacred Fire: The Story of Sex in ReligionReligion and Sex Or Studies in the Pathology of Religious DevelopmentAstraea: The Balance of IllusionsEssays of Elia: The Works of Charles Lamb Part OneA Serious Call to a Devout and Holy LifeSix Systems of Indian Philosophy; Samkhya and Yoga; Naya and VaiseshikaSermons of a Buddhist Abbot: Addresses on Religious Subjects Including the Sutra of Forty-Two ChaptersEssays in Zen Buddhism, First SeriesThree Views On Keynes The EconomistA Service Of DangerWas It an Illusion? A Parson's StoryChronicles of AvonleaThe Rothschilds: The Financial Rulers Of NationsThe Folk Lore of the Isle of Man: Being an Account of its Myths, Legends, Superstitions, Customs and ProverbsPhynodderree and Other Legends of the Isle of ManNapoleon's Book of Fate and OraculumThe Plays of Maurice Maeterlinck: Alladine and Palomides, Pelleas and Melisande, Home and the Death of TintagilesBook of the Thousand Nights and a Night; Volume 1 of 16The Antiquary: The Works of Sir Walter ScottA Bombing Of Hiroshima And NagasakiSecond Plays by A.A. MilneThe Expedition of Humphry ClinkerThe Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano or Gustavus Vassa, the African, Written by Himself Vol. ILost Continent of Mu, the Motherland of MenScotch Irish Pioneers In Ulster And AmericaErewhon and Erewhon RevisitedHow To Tell A Story And OthersThe Legend Of Sir Perceval: Studies Upon Its Origin Development And Position In The Arthurian CycleThe Golden Lion of GranpereThe Lord Of Glory: A Study Of The Designations Of Our Lord In The New Testament With Especial Reference To His DeityJungle Beasts I Have CapturedLolly Willowes or The Loving HuntsmanThe Vision Of Dante Alighieri Or Hell, Purgatory And ParadiseThe Vision Or Hell, Purgatory And Paradise Of Dante AlighieriThe School And SocietyShambhala the ResplendentThe Barbary CorsairsSelected Mystical Writings of William LawExtract From Captain Stormfield's Visit To HeavenA Sale; The Impolite Sex; A Wedding Gift; The MoribundThe Means Of Acquiring Good Morals And Avoiding Evil OnesGeneral Keys Of AstrologyKnights Templar: Their Rise and FallRobert Louis StevensonThe Game of Life and How to Play ItBell's New Pantheon Or Historical Dictionary of the Gods, Demi Gods, Heroes and Fabulous Personages of AntiquityThe Parson's Daughter of Oxney ColneAsgard and the Gods: The Tales and Traditions of Our Northern AncestorsBest Stories of O. Henry: Gift of the Magi, The Ransom of Red Chief, Mammon and the Archer and OthersThe Autobiography of an Ex Colored ManThe Myths of PlatoWar-Path And Bivouac Or The Conquest Of The SiouxCollected Poems of Arthur Edward WaiteThe Doctrinal Content Of The KabalahThe Temptation of St. AnthonyA New Model Of The UniverseTertium OrganumFolk Beliefs of the Southern NegroRedgauntlet A Tale Of The Eighteenth CenturyThe AbbotMemoirs of Richard Cumberland Written by HimselfHow I Found LivingstoneCharles Dudley WarnerWhat I BelieveKnights Templars and the Complete History of Masonic Knighthood from the Origin of the Orders to the Present TimeEgyptian Civilization Its Sumerian Origin and Real ChronologyUniverse Earth and Man in their Relationship to Egyptian Myths and Modern CivilizationThe Best Writings Of James Allen V1Harriet Martineau's Autobiography Part OneThe Stolen White ElephantElizabeth Barrett BrowningThe Banquet Of Dante Alighieri: Il ConvitoOccult Chemistry: Investigations by Clairvoyant Magnification Into the Structure of the Atoms of the Periodic Table and Some CompoundsCourse of Advanced Lessons in Clairvoyance and Occult PowersClairvoyance and ThoughtographyJean Christophe In ParisThe Coming World and of Life Beyond the GraveAnimal Story BookThe Tree Of Life: A Study Of ReligionLancelot or the Knight of the CartThe Sexual Life of Our Time in Its Relations to Modern CivilizationAdela Cathcart, Vol 1The AwakeningThe Zend Avesta Part II: The Sacred Books of the East Part Twenty-ThreeThe Plan Of SalvationThe Ramayan of Tulsidas or the Bible of Northern IndiaConstantine the Great and the Christian RevolutionThe Consolation of PhilosophyThe State Of The Blessed DeadMan's Search For Happiness - PamphletThe Great Instauration and the Novum OrganumThe Intellectual LifeErik DornRoger Bacon's Selected Occult WritingsThe Mirror of Alchemy Composed by the Famous Friar Roger Bacon Sometime Fellow of Martin College and Brasen-Nase College in OxenfordeOpus Majus of Roger Bacon Part 1Numbers And Losses In The Civil War In America: 1861-65Shadow of the Third Century: A Revaluation of ChristianityPasquin: A Dramatick Satire on the Times Being the Rehearsal of Two Plays Viz a Comedy Called the Election and a Tragedy Called the Life and Death of Common SenseLight, Life and Love: Selections from the German Mystics of the Middle AgesModern Christian Revolutionaries: Kierkegaard, Gill, Chesterton, Andrews And BerdyaevTraditions of Islam: An Introduction to the Study of the Hadith LiteratureHistory Of The New World Called America V2The Works Of Lucian Of Samosata V1Editor's Introduction, Reader's Guide, Index to the First Lines of Poems Songs and Choruses, Hymns and Psalms, General and Chronological Index to the Harvard Classics Series: Part 50Amulets and SuperstitionsAndersonville A Story Of Rebel Military PrisonsThe World Before the DelugeCezanne A Study of His DevelopmentKeep Your Head DownGrail of Life: An Anthology on Heroic Death and Immortal LifeBrothers of Madame BlavatskyBody Building Or Man in the MakingGray WorldEssentials of Mysticism and Other EssaysThe Mysticism Of PlotinusPaganism Surviving in ChristianityFaery QueeneComplete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer Part 1Venice Preserved, or a Plot DiscoveredThe Complete Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett BrowningCarmina Gadelica V2: Hymns and IncantationsThe Lives and Opinions of Eminent PhilosophersAn Essay On The Development Of Christian DoctrineA Yankee in Canada with Anti-slavery and Reform PapersThe SherrodsOn The Motion Of The Heart And Blood In AnimalsTales of Mystery and ImaginationConcerning the Inner LifeModern MysticsThe Confessions of Jacob BoehmeLife of the Spirit and the Life of TodayI Promessi Sposi, The Betrothed: Part 21 Harvard ClassicsHenry VIII And His CourtCreed Of Christendom: Its Foundations Contrasted With Its SuperstructureLafcadio's AdventuresBandlet of Righteousness: An Ethiopian Book of the DeadMummy: A Handbook of Egyptian Funerary ArchaeologyThe History Of The Blessed Virgin Mary And The History Of The Likeness Of Christ, Which The Jews Of Tiberias Made To Mock AtThe Paradise Of ChildrenTom Wedgwood, The First Photographer: An Account Of His Life, His Discovery And His Friendship With Samuel Taylor ColeridgeThe Boy Hunters or Adventures in Search of a White BuffaloTaoist Teachings: Translated from the Book of Lieh TzuThe Queen's NecklaceWhat Would Jesus Do? Wherein A New Generation Undertakes To Walk In His StepsSatanism and Witchcraft: A Study in Medieval SuperstitionThe Mind Of LightPerfect Way in Diet: A Treatise Advocating a Return to the Natural and Ancient Food of our RaceAn Old-Fashioned GirlThere Shall Be No NightThree Plays: The Hairy Ape / Anna Christie / The First ManComplete Poetical Works of John Greenleaf WhittierMurders in the Rue Morgue and Other StoriesHitler Speaks: A Series of Political Conversations with Adolf Hitler on His Real AimsMore New Arabian Nights: The Dynamiter And The Story Of A LieNight Side of Nature Or Ghosts and Ghost SeersOn The Veiling Of VirginsSeven Short Plays By Lady GregoryA Book Of Saints And Wonders Put Down Here By Lady Gregory According To The Old Writings And The Memory Of The People Of IrelandThe Unicorn From The Stars And Other PlaysThe Everlasting ManHistory and Social IntelligenceSongs of TravelAn Elementary Grammar of the Ancient Egyptian Language in the Hieroglyphic Type 1875Gods of the Egyptians Part 1The Cloud Upon The Sanctuary: An Announcement To Those Capable Of LightThe Four ElementsH.P. Blavatsky and The Secret DoctrineH.P. Blavatsky and the Masters of WisdomIncidents in the Life of Madame H.P. BlavatskyH.P. Blavatsky A Great BetrayalH. P. Blavatsky Speaks Part 2Modern Panarion a Collection of Fugitive Fragments from the Pen of H. P. BlavatskyConcerning H.P. BlavatskyPersonal Memoirs of H.P. BlavatskyGreek Mythology SystematizedEpistles of Jacob BoehmeThe Clavis or KeyExplanations Of The Terms Used By ParacelsusParacelsus: Life and PropheciesThe Five Occult Causes Of DiseaseThe Nightingale and the RoseThe Religion Of A Mature MindEsoteric Structure of the AlphabetBystanderTwice Told TalesThe Chivalries Of The Holy TemplePoems And Translations By Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Including Dante's La Vita Nuova And The Early Italian PoetsFolk-Lore From The Dominican RepublicShort History of Human MarriageHow To Attain And Practice The Ideal Sex LifeThe Master Key to Psychic Unfoldment: A Physiological, Psychical and Philosophical AnalysisThe Metaphysics Of Balzac As Found In: The Magic Skin, Louis Lambert And SeraphitaGlenarvonHistory of the Damnable Life and Deserved Death of Doctor John Faustus: Together with the Second Report of Faustus, Containing His Appearances and the Deeds of WagnerThe Acception and Robert FluddThe Last Harvest: The Complete Writings of John BurroughsDiscourses with Encheiridion & Fragments & a Life of Epictetus & a View of His PhilosophyMy LifeIsadora Duncan: An Intimate PortraitThe Kalevala: The Epic Poem of FinlandLe Monsieur de La Petite DameExperience and NatureHow We Think/PsychologyLetters Of Charles Lamb V1Hall Young of Alaska: The Mushing ParsonThe Disappearance of Marie SevereVinzi: A Story of the Swiss AlpsEzra Pound: His Metric And PoetryIn The GarretThe Pictorial Field Book of the Revolution or Illustrations, by Pen and Pencil, of the History, Biography, Scenery, Relics and Traditions of the War FThe Treatises of Benvenuto Cellini on Goldsmithing and SculptureWhat Men Live by and Other TalesThe Illustrious Life of William McKinley Our Martyred PresidentConfessions of an English Opium EaterAre Women People? A Book of Rhymes for Suffrage TimesPersonal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant Part TwoWhere the Blue BeginsOne Hundred Poems of KabirFrom Sea to Sea: Letters of Travel and American NotesStruggles and Triumphs or Forty Years' Recollections of P.T. Barnum Part 1Struggles and Triumphs or Forty Years' Recollections of P.T. Barnum Part 2The Sufi Mystics of IslamEssay on the Nature and Conduct of the Passions and Affections With Illustrations on the Moral SensePoems by Emily Dickinson Third SeriesPoems by Emily Dickinson First SeriesThe Works Of The Reverend William Law: A Practical Treatise Upon Christian Perfection V3Ovid's Metamorphosis Englished, Mythologized and Represented in FiguresThe Amateur Emigrant / The Silverado Squatters / The Silverado DiaryMagic From The Beginning Of The Christian Era To The End Of The Middle AgesRendezvous with Destiny: Addresses and Opinions of Franklin Delano RooseveltAurora Leigh and Other PoemsSecret Ritual of the Thirty-Third and Last Degree Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of FreemasonryVedanta Philosophy: Eight Lectures By The Swami Vivekananda On Karma Yoga The Secret of WorkEarl Of Chesterfield: Letters To His Son Part OneWorks of Dionysius Longinus on the Sublime Or a Treatise Concerning the Sovereign Perfection of WritingEssays, Civil and Moral; New Atlantis; Areopagitica; Tractate on Education; Religio Medici (Harvard Classics, #3)Areopagitica and Other Prose WorksDictionary of Correspondence, Representatives and Significatives Derived From the Word of the LordSir Roger de Coverly Essays from the SpectatorFighting the Flying CircusOne of Cleopatra's NightsEgyptian Secrets: Or White and Black Art for Man and BeastHow To Overcome Forgetfulness By Idealizing The Process Of Remembering - PamphletBuilders A Story and Study of MasonryComplete Occult Philosophy Containing All Four BooksPhilosophy of Natural MagicThe Secret SharerThe Admirable CrichtonThe Story of Yorktown as Told by Conrad ShultzContinental Drama: Calderón, Corneille, Racine, Molière, Lessing, SchillerThe Life of Charlemagne (Rare Reprints)History of European Morals From Augustus to Charlemagne Part 1Bulfinch's Mythology: Legends of Charlemagne or RomanceGoblin Market and Selected PoemsSir Gawain and the Green KnightHistory of the Destruction of Jerusalem or the Wars of the JewsBattles and Leaders of the Civil War: From Sumter to Shiloh Part OneSelf-Suggestion and the New Huna Theory of Mesmerism and HypnosisThe Temple BeauWhere There is Nothing, Being Volume One of Plays for an Irish TheatreThe History Of Julius Caesar And CleopatraPrecious BaneGreen Mansions A Romance Of The Tropical ForestHieroglyphical Figures: Concerning Both the Theory and Practice of the Philosophers StoneCeremonial Magic In Theory And PracticeThe Essential Writings Of Emile CoueDon Quixote of the Mancha, Book 1 (Harvard Classics, #14)The Magic Mountain Part 1The Fall of a NationChelkash and Other StoriesThe Clansman an Historical Romance of the Ku Klux KlanThe World as Will and Idea 1: Containing Four BooksThe Christian Year: Thoughts In Verse For The Sundays And Holydays Throughout The YearAdventures of Hajji Baba of IspahanLife Of Joseph Smith: The ProphetBiographical Sketches Of Joseph Smith The Prophet And His Progenitors For Many GenerationsThe Intimate Papers of Colonel HouseKingdom of Love and How Salvator WonThe Whispering Gallery: Being Leaves from the Diary of an Ex-DiplomatEsoteric Work of the 1st through 3rd Degree, According to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish RiteThe Massacre of St. Bartholomew Preceded by a History of the Religious Wars in the Reign of Charles IXRobert E. Lee the SoldierHistory Of The Great American Fortunes V2History Of The Great American Fortunes V3History Of The Great American Fortunes V1The Phoenician Origin of Britons, Scots and Anglo Saxons Discovered by Phoenician and Sumerian Inscriptions in Britain by Pre-Roman Briton CoinsThe Writings and Speeches of Daniel Webster: Diplomatic Papers And Miscellaneous LettersFaraway StoriesAlaska Days With John MuirA Curious TaleOur Friend the DogSheridan's Comedies: The Rivals And The School For ScandalWhat Social Classes Owe To Each OtherSt. Francis of AssisiThe Invisible ManThe Book of American Negro SpiritualsThe Garden of AllahEarly Poems of Ralph Waldo EmersonThe God In YouSecret of the AgesThe Kingdom Of The Shining OnesAnna Karenina II / A Russian ProprietorMasters and the PathThe Agamemnon Of AeschylusThe Eternal Companion - PamphletDore Bible Gallery Containing One Hundred Superb IllustrationsThe Children's HourTextbook of Gregorian Chant According to the Solesmes MethodA Buddhist BibleIndo-Aryan Deities and Worship as Contained in the Rig-VedaThinking as a ScienceNirvana Moksha And Blind Faith Not Expected - PamphletCharlotte's Daughter Or The Three Orphans, A Sequel To Charlotte TempleThe Heavenly TwinsTowards the Christian RevolutionThe Seventh CrossLittle Flowers of Saint Francis of AssisiKreutzer SonataThe Knight of the Burning PestleThe QuicksandThe Making Of A Saint: A Romance Of Mediaeval ItalyThe Red House MysteryThe Complete Works of Robert Burns Part ThreeA Lady Of QualityFolklore in the Old Testament Studies in Comparative Religion Legend and LawMastery of DestinyThe Story of Mormonism and the Philosophy of MormonismJesus the Christ: A Study of the Messiah and His Mission According to Holy Scriptures Both Ancient and Modern V1The Book Of Mormon: An Account Of Its Origin, With Evidences Of Its Genuineness And AuthenticityTramping Through Mexico, Guatemala and HondurasHeading For The AbyssThe Witch In Dramatic LiteratureThe Witch In Holy WritThe Witch: Heretic and AnarchistBook of King Arthur and his Noble KnightsKing Arthur and the Knights of the Round TableThe Story of King Arthur and His Knights 1912Grace and Free Will (Nicene & Post-Nicene Fathers 5)St. CeciliaAn Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela AndrewsThe Sorrows Of WerterSanctuary of Memphis or HermesLavengro and The Romany RyeThe Works of George Borrow, Volume 6: The Romany Rye, a Sequel to LavengroThe Works of George Borrow, Volume 5: The Romany Rye, a Sequel to LavengroThe Philosophy of the Beautiful: Being Outlines of the History of Aesthetics and Its Theory and Its Relation to the ArtsThe Crock of GoldThe Insulted and InjuredPoems of ReflectionMagnalia Christi Americana Or The Ecclesiastical History Of New England V1: From Its First Planting In The Year 1620 Unto The Year Of Our Lord 1698Lexicon of AlchemyThe Poetical Works of Matthew ArnoldLight for the Last Days A Study in Chronological ProphecyHans Brinker or the Silver Skates a Story of Life in HollandHistory of Witchcraft in England From 1558 to 1718Astronomy In The Rig VedaA History Of Sanskrit LiteratureThe Life And Epistles Of St. Paul V2The Bestial Man His Sickness And MortalityThe City at World's EndThe Myth Of The Manuscript Found Or The Absurdities Of The Spaulding StoryA Strange Manuscript Found In A Copper CylinderSonnets to a Red Haired Lady, By a Gentlemen with a Blue Beard, and Famous Love AffairsThe Old Soak and Hail and FarewellJust So Stories for Little ChildrenThe ImmoralistHistory of Ancient and Modern JerusalemYou Know Me Al: A Busher's LettersTractatus Logico-PhilosophicusScaramouche: A Romance of the French RevolutionFather Alexyei's StoryDiscourse on the Worship of Priapus and Its Connection with the Mystic Theology of the Ancients and an Essay on the Worship of the Generative Powers During the Middle Ages of Western EuropeThe Tao Te ChingThe Texts of Taoism: The Tao Te Ching, the Writings of Chuang-Tzu, and the Thai-Shang; Tractate of Actions and Their RetributionsFrederic Chopin As A Man And Musician Volume 1God's Other Door and the Continuity of LifeIn Praise of FollySimple LifeThe Lady Or The Tiger And Other StoriesEmileThe Philosophy of Art: Being the Second Part of Hegel's AestheticByways of Ghost LandOrpheus: A History of ReligionsAjaxThe Chief Works Of Benedict De Spinoza V1: Introduction, Tractatus Theologico-Politicus, Tractatus PoliticusEverymanSailing Alone Around the WorldA Man from Kansas: The Story of William Allen WhiteA Certain Rich ManDr. Franz Hartmann's Diseases Of Children And Their Homeopathic TreatmentOccult Science in MedicineAnthropologyLife and the Doctrines of Philippus Theophrastus Bombast of Hohenheim Known as ParacelsusLife And Letters Of Oliver Wendell Holmes V2The Moon of the Caribbees and Six Other Plays of the SeaEgyptian Book of the Dead and the Mysteries of AmentaLetters of Anton Chekhov to His Family and Friends with Biographical SketchHistory Of The Great French Revolution From The Standpoint Of The PeopleAmoretti And EpithalamionA Treatise Concerning Religious AffectionsMoon LoreMy ReligionEnchiridion Or Manual of a Christian KnightLast Days of PompeiiThe Endless Story And Other Oriental Tales RetoldBlack Majesty the Life of Christophe King of HaitiWoman: Her Sex And Love LifeThe Song of RolandTell it All A Woman's Life in PolygamyAgnes GrayEssays on Emily Bronte and Henry JamesOne Autumn Night; In The SteppeA Rolling Stone; Her Lover; ChumsThe Sense of Beauty: Being the Outlines of Aesthetic TheoryIn the Track of Robert Louis Stevenson and Elsewhere in Old FranceRobert Louis Stevenson A Critical Biography Part OneThe Life of Mrs. Robert Louis StevensonRobert Louis Stevenson a Critical Biography V2A Sketch of His Life and WorksMr. Blettsworthy on Rampole IslandThe Creature from Beyond InfinityNine Greek Dramas (Harvard Classics, #8)Little Miss SunshineThe Deeds of God Through the FranksTaliesin Or Bards and Druids of BritainKing Alfred's Version Of The Consolations Of BoethiusInstincts Of The Herd In Peace And WarThe Plum TreeThe Rhetoric, Poetic and Nichomachean Ethics (The Works of Aristotle Part 4)Quest of the Holy GrailThe Infinite Universe or the Mirror of God According to Giordano BrunoThe Story Of Giordano BrunoThe Complete Works Of John Bunyan Part 2HeavenFrom The Deep Woods To CivilizationThe Key To The Universe Is In Our Hand - PamphletThe Perfumed Garden of the Shaykh NefzawiThe Letters and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell, with Elucidations, Volume 2The Letters and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell, with Elucidations, Volume 3The Letters and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell, with Elucidations, Volume 1England In The Age Of WycliffeThe Marvelous Land of OzWoodstock Or The CavalierTales of the Crusaders; The Betrothed; And Chronicles of the Canongate: The Works of Sir Walter ScottKenilworth: The Works of Sir Walter ScottWaverley or Tis Sixty Years Since: The Works of Sir Walter ScottRob RoyThe Heart of Midlothian: The Works of Sir Walter ScottThe Monastery: The Works of Sir Walter ScottThe Mystery Of The Ages: The Secret Doctrine Contained In All ReligionsThe Bride of Lammermoor: The Works of Sir Walter ScottAnne of Geierstein or the Maiden of the Mist: The Works of Sir Walter ScottPeveril of the Peak: The Works of Sir Walter ScottThe Iron HeelA Selection From The Lyrical Poems Of Robert HerrickJudah's Scepter and Joseph's Birthright: An Analysis of the Prophecies of Scripture in Regard to the Royal Family of Judah and the Many Nations of IsraelThe Complete Works Of John Lyly: Euphues And His England; The Plays V2The Complete Works Of John Lyly: Life; Euphues; The Anatomy Of Wyt; And Entertainments V1The Complete Works Of John Lyly: The Plays Con't; Anti-Martinist Work; Poems; Glossary And General Index V3English Essays From Sir Philip Sidney to Macaulay: Part 27 Harvard ClassicsThe PersiansKrishna and Orpheus: The Great Initiates of the East and WestKrishna's Triumph And DeathAncient Secrets Of The Sun, Moon, Stars, Fire, Air, Water And EarthMy Disillusionment in RussiaSongs of Innocence and ExperienceKey to the Hebrew-Egyptian Mystery in the Source of MeasuresThe Diary of a Goose GirlLa Comedie Humaine: Scenes from Political LifeWorks of Honore de Balzac Part 2 (The Chouans, etc.)God-Man: The Word Made FleshThe Fool In Christ: Emmanuel QuintThe Unbearable BassingtonThe Book Of Hermes Or ThothRalph Waldo Emerson on Self RelianceThe Astral PlaneThe Life of John Adams V1Christina Rossetti: A Biographical And Critical StudyComplete Poems of John Milton (Harvard Classics, #4)The 12 Solar HousesTales of the Grotesque and Arabesque Volume 1 (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque, #1)A Book Of Strife In The Form Of The Diary Of An Old SoulThe Most Dangerous GameLaugh with LeacockThe Trespasser and the March of the White Guard: The Works of Gilbert ParkerAn Essay On CriticismFleetwood Or The New Man Of FeelingThe Origin Of Paul's ReligionThe Heart Of The Antarctic: Being The Story Of The British Antarctic Expedition 1907-1909Eminent VictoriansThe Happy Prince and Other TalesDiary of a Superfluous ManThe Religious Aspect Of Philosophy: A Critique Of The Bases Of Conduct And Of FaithHow to Read CharacterMarcus Aurelius Antoninus to HimselfTrue Resignation: How Man Must Die Daily in His Own Will in SelfMitra, Mittra And The Meaning Of These Words To FreemasonsVaruna, Mitra, and AryamanBeethoven: The Man And The Artist As Revealed In His Own WordsZend Avesta and Solar Religions: A Historical CompilationIrano-Aryan Faith and Doctrine as Contained in the Zend-AvestaThe Zend-Avesta, The Gathas, and the Doctrine of ZarathustraThe Life and Times of Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the United StatesDrum-Beat Of The Nation: The First Period Of The War Of The Rebellion From Its Outbreak To The Close Of 1862Life and Letters: The Works of George EliotMoliere: His Life and His WorksSamson AgonistesThe Boys' Sherlock Holmes: A Selection from the Works of a Conan DoyleThe Iliad of HomerBrigham's Destroying Angel: Being the Life, Confession and Startling Disclosures of the Notorious Bill Hickman, Danite Chief of UtahThe Pineal Gland: The Eye Of GodVoltaire In Exile: His Life And Works In France And Abroad With Unpublished Letters Of Voltaire And Mme. Du ChateletThe Letters of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Vol.1.Perceptive Power or the Art of Observation: Personal Power Books V9The Wheels of TimeThe Mystic Meaning Of The Numeral Four: Signifying The Mineral, Crystal, And The Star - PamphletLolly Willowes or The Loving HuntsmanRecollections and Letters of General Robert E. LeeHouse Of MirthDream LifeThe ShotHistory of Natural Hygiene and Principles of Natural HygieneMeditations on Various Aspects of the Spiritual LifeThe Tragedy of Tragedies or the Life and Death of Tom Thumb the GreatThe Plays of Anton Chekhov: Nine Plays including The Sea-Gull, The Cherry Orchard, The Three Sisters and OthersGood Lady DucayneVixenSpace, Time and Deity: The Gifford Lectures at Glasgow Part OneThe Shadow LineTrial and Death of SocratesIn the Arena: Stories of Political LifeThe Life Of Queen ElizabethPlutarch's Lives (The Harvard Classics, #12)The Lion's Skin: A RomanceFolk-Tales Of Angola: Fifty Tales With Ki-Mbundu Text, Literal English Translation, Introduction And NotesGates of KnowledgeSecrets of the Biblical Story of CreationWonders of the World: Trials of the Soul and Revelations of the SpiritInner Nature of Man and Life Between Death and RebirthThreefold State: The True Aspect of the Social QuestionMystics of the Renaissance and Their Relation to Modern ThoughtInvestigations in Occultism Showing its Practical Value in Daily LifeInitiate Consciousness: Truth and Error in Spiritual ResearchThe Gentle SpiritPlace of Magic in the Intellectual History of EuropeWealth and Its UsesThe A.B.C. Of MoneyThe Road To Business SuccessThe Life And Times Of John Dickinson 1732-1808Meaning of Beauty: A Theory of AestheticsA White Heron And Other StoriesLife Between LivesMark Twain's Autobiography, Part 2Mysteries of Magic: A Digest of the Writings of Eliphas LeviDickens' Works: Barnaby Rudge and Hard TimesHistory Of The Thirty Years' War In GermanyThe Deer FamilyRalph Waldo EmersonColor Blind: A White Woman Looks at the NegroThe Rosicrucian Hermetic Romance Or Chymical WeddingPhilosophy of the UpanishadsAquarian Gospel of Jesus the ChristThe Earlier Life And Chief Earlier Works Of Daniel DefoeThe King's Quair: A PoemThe Play ActressHistory of Philosophy in IslamSongs of SummerHeart of Emerson's JournalsLooking Backward from 2000 to 1887Yvain or the Knight with the LionTono BungayAnge PitouIdeal Suggestion Through Mental PhotographyLife More Abundant: Scriptural Truth In Modern ApplicationGrania: An Irish TragedySelected Essays, 1778-1830The Bobbsey Twins on Blueberry IslandPaul Verlaine: His Life, His WorkThe Symbolist Movement in LiteratureThe Complete Poetical Works Of William Wordsworth V2The Complete Poetical Works Of William Wordsworth V1The Works Of Alexander PopeMythologiesModern Religious Movements in IndiaThe Tragedie of Romeo and JulietTwice Born Men: A Clinic In RegenerationLife of Francis BaconKeys for Deciphering the Greatest Work of Sir Francis BaconThe Last Four Gathas of Zarathustra And LegendsSandow on Physical Training: A Study in the Perfect Type of the Human FormAn Enquiry Concerning the Principles of MoralsOn the Up and UpJoseph Smith and Our Destiny: A Brief, Vital Story of God's Covenant Race from Patriarchal Times to the Present of the Mormon ChurchHieroglyphics: A Note Upon Ecstasy In LiteratureDreads and DrollsThe White PeopleThe Tryall Of A Christian's Growth In Mortification Purging Out Corruption Or VivificationConcerning the Mortification of the FleshConan Doyle's Stories for BoysTales of Terror and MysteryThe Gentle Art of Making EnemiesThe Samurai And The Code Of BushidoWhitman a Study: The Writings of John Burroughs Part TenLittle Wizard Stories of Oz (Oz, 7.5)The Chartreuse of ParmaThe Apology, Phaedo & Crito of Plato/Golden Sayings of Epictetus/Meditations of Marcus Aurelius (Harvard Classics, #2)The Kreutzer Sonata and Other StoriesPlays of Leo Tolstoy: The Power Of Darkness, The First Distiller, Fruits Of CultureThe Life and Letters of John Brown, Liberator of Kansas and Martyr of VirginiaThe Life Letters and Writings of Charles Lamb Part 2The History of King Richard the ThirdPierre or the AmbiguitiesEndymion: A Poetic RomanceThe Complete Poetical Works And Letters Of John KeatsMaya/Atlantis: Queen Moo and the Egyptian SphinxEnglish Fairy TalesThe Maxims of La RochefoucauldThe Pillow Book of Sei ShonagonBook of MormonHistory, Manners and Customs of the Indian Nations Who Once Inhabited Pennsylvania and the Neighboring StatesTheodor Herzl: Excerpts from His DiariesWinged VictoryNumerology And How To Read A Name CorrectlyDispensational Truth or God's Plan and Purpose in the AgesThe Jews, The Gentiles And The ChurchLetters of Fyodor Michailovitch Dostoevsky to His Family and FriendsThe Scope of the Tesla LecturesTesla Direct Current ARC Lighting SystemMaurice MaeterlinckRise of the House of RothschildThe Vocation Of ManHope Leslie Volume 1An Autobiography, Part 1The Insulted and InjuredThe Letters of Charles Dickens from 1833 to 1870History of the Vestal Virgins of RomeThe End Of The Ancient Vestal Virgins And The Abolition Of The OrderPublic Speaking and Influencing Men in BusinessPoems of Elizabeth G. CraneHumility And Her Four Virtues And Striving After God's Honor In The Inner LifeThe Elementary Forms of the Religious Life: A Study in Religious SociologyRobert Louis Stevenson in CaliforniaThomas More and His Utopia With a Historical IntroductionLetters of Eric Gill1811 Dictionary Of The Vulgar TonguePsmith In The CityThe Persecution of Mary Stewart: The Queen's Cause a Study in CriminologyIntroduction to Modern PhilosophyNew Essays Concerning Human UnderstandingHistory of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella the Catholic V2H. M. S. Pinafore: Or the Lass That Loved a SailorCelebrated Crimes, Vol. VI: Joan of Naples, the Man in the Iron Mask, and Martin GuerreJapan's Religions: Shinto and BuddhismThe Odd Number: Thirteen Tales by Guy de MaupassantStudies In PessimismA Moral Alphabet: In Words Of From One To Seven SyllablesThe First Book of UrizenLittle Rivers: A Book of Essays in Profitable IdlenessThe Universe a Vast Electric OrganismThe MonsterNovels of Anatole France: Penguin Island/Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard/Revolt of the AngelsNovels of Anatole France: The Gods Are Athirst - Thais - The Red LilyUndying Faces: A Collection of Death MasksCorrespondence of James Fenimore-CooperHobomokSignature of all Things; of the Supersensual Life; of Heaven and Hell; Discourse Between Two SoulsTitus, a Comrade of the CrossPassion of JesusThe Vedas or Books of Holy KnowledgeA Key To The Knowledge And Use Of The Holy BibleShake Hands with the DevilPractical Mind ReadingPsychic Skills: Lessons in Clairvoyance, Personal Magnetism, Auto-Suggestion, Concentration and Mind ReadingAmistad ArgumentFables of AesopThe Life Of St. AnthonyExamen of WitchesHumbugs of the WorldAgainst the Grain: A ReboursHoly Orders: The Tragedy of a Quiet LifeChrist Buddha And Christ Jesus ComparedA Complete Illustration of the Astrological and Occult Sciences Comprehending the Art of Foretelling Future Events and Contingencies by the Aspects,Old Age Its Cause and Prevention The Story of an Old Body and Face Made YoungAngels and the New RaceMahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett from the Mahatmas M. and K. 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Abraham Lincoln And Hon. Stephen A. 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Or, The Horrid Spectre! Vol. 1The Sibylline Oracles: Translated From The Greek Into English Blank VerseCharles Dickens: The Last Of The Great MenCharles Lamb's Works: The Essays Of EliaJoseph Smith's Concept Of The Word Of WisdomThe Opened ShuttersThe Right PrincessYvetteThe Boer War: Its Causes And Its Interest To Canadians With A Glossary Of Cape Dutch And Kaffir TermsWoman and PuppetHans Staden: The True Story Of His Captivity 1557Diophantos Of Alexandria: A Study In The History Of Greek AlgebraThe Eye Of ZeitoonDr. Geley's Experiments in EctoplasmThe Characters of Jean de La Bruyere (Bruyère)The Four Gospels Harmonized & Translated Pt 2 (Complete Works of Count Tolstoy 15)Holy Grail: The Galahad Quest in the Arthurian LiteratureLegends And Popular Tales Of The Basque PeopleClarence Darrow's Plea in Defense of Loeb and LeopoldJuneau: The Sleigh DogThe White GauntletHeaven FolkThe Complete Works And Life Of Laurence Sterne V3: A Sentimental Journey Through France And Italy And The Letters Of Laurence SterneThe American Mercury ReaderThe Hindered Hand: Or the Reign of the RepressionistThe Adventures of Ol' Mistah BuzzardOver The Rocky Mountains And Wandering Will In The Land Of The Red SkinsThe Prioresses Tale/Sir Thopas/The Monkes Tale/The Clerkes Tale/The Squieres Tale from the Canterbury TalesNovels By George Sand V4: IndianaThe Irish Invasion MythsTwenty-Five Years Of My LifeThe City of Delight: A Love Drama of the Siege and Fall of JerusalemThe Experimental Novel And Other EssaysThe Courtship Of Susan BellThe Chase Of The Golden PlateThe Jelly-BeanKasidah of Haji Abdu El-YezdiThe Death Of Olivier BecailleJacques Damour: Madame Neigeon, Nantas, How We Die, The Coqueville Spree, The Attack On The MillThe FloodHandbook Of The Indians Of California V2Practical Mind ReadingLiving Life to Live it Longer: A Study in Orthobionomics, Orthopathy and Healthful LivingGleanings from the Harvest-Fields of Literature A Melange of Excerpta, Curious, Humorous, and InstructiveArt and Scholasticism With Other EssaysThe Pearl of Orrs Island: A Story of the Coast of MaineA Book of MythsThe Blonde Lady: Being A Record Of The Duel Of Wits Between Arsene Lupin And The English DetectiveGoethe's Conception of the WorldIla Speaking Peoples of Northern Rhodesia Part 1Ethelyn's MistakePrince ZaleskiLeibniz Discourse on Metaphysics Correspondence with Arnauld and MonadologyThe Chronicle Of Queen Jane And Of Two Years Of Queen Mary, And Especially Of The Rebellion Of Sir Thomas WyatForerunners and Rivals of Christianity from 330 BC to 330 ADYou Are Whatever You Think - PamphletA Subtle Allegory Concerning The Secrets Of Alchemy Very Useful To Possess And Pleasant To ReadThe Cloister and the Hearth: A Tale of the Middle AgesA Little Book In C MajorPersonal Nobility Or Letters to a Nobleman on the Conduct of His Studies and the Dignity of the PeerageIncognitaHistory of the Conquest of England by the Normans; Its Causes and Its Consequences in England, Scotland, Ireland and On the Continent Part OneComparative Physiognomy Or Resemblances Between Men and AnimalsMrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage PatchNine Greek Dramas (Harvard Classics 8)His DogA Modern Cinderella Or The Little Old Shoe And Other StoriesCupid and Chow Chow (Aunt Jo's Scrap Bag #3)Love And Self LoveRichardson's Monitor of FreemasonryBuddhist Manual of Psychological EthicsMen Who Have Walked with GodThe Little Clay Cart: A Hindu Drama Attributed to King Shudraka 1905History Of The Moravian ChurchTertium Organum or the Third Canon of Thought and a Key to the Enigmas of the World.The First Canticle, Inferno, Of The Divine Comedy Of Dante AlighieriThe Complete Works of Artemus WardThe Great White South: Being An Account Of Experiences With Captain Scott's South Pole Expedition And Of The Nature Life Of The AntarcticThe Cities of St. Paul: Their Influence on His Life and Thought, The Cities of Eastern Asia MinorThe Book of the Secrets of Enoch (Rare Reprints)Caesar or NothingThe Upper BerthHermsprong Or Man As He Is NotAbove The BattleHelen of Troy and Other PoemsThe Adventures Of King Richard, Coeur-De-Lion V1: To Which Is Added, The Death Of Lord Falkland, A PoemCalamus: A Series Of Letters Written During The Years 1868-1880Anti-Pelagian Writings (Nicene & Post-Nicene Fathers 5)Colonel JackThe Food of Death: Fifty-one TalesThe Black Death And The Dancing ManiaA Day in Athens with Socrates: Protagoras/RepublicThe Golden Triangle: The Return Of Arsene LupinGustav Adolf The GreatAn Antidote to the Miseries of Human Life in the History of the Widow Placid and Her Daughter RachelThe DiscourcesOnesimus: Memoirs Of A Disciple Of St. PaulThe Trilogy Or Dante's Three Visions: Part Iii, Paradiso Or The Vision Of ParadiseFour Centuries Of English Letters: Selections From The Correspondence Of One Hundred And Fifty Writers From The Period Of The Paston Letters To The Present DayThe Dhammapada or Path of the Law: The Most Celebrated of Buddhist TeachingsLedaEssays to Do Good Addressed to All Christians Whether in Public or Private CapacitiesThe Whites and the Blues V2The First Three Books of Euclid's Elements of Geometry from the Text of Dr. Robert Simson Together with Various Useful Theorems and Problems as Geometrical Exercises of Each BookForgotten Books of EdenMystery in the TropicsMemoirs of the Court of Henry the Eighth Part TwoBook of the Lover and the BelovedThe Life, Crime And Capture Of John Wilkes BoothFreemasonry and the Ancient GodsScientifica Hermetica: An Introduction to the Science of AlchemyCollectanea HermeticaMrs. Radcliffe's Novels: The Italian, the Romance of the Forest, the Mysteries of UdolphoNathaniel Hawthorne: Dr. Heidegger's Experiment; The Birthmark, Ethan Brand; Wakefield; Drowne's Wooden Image; The Ambitious Guest; The GREThe Strongman: A True Life Pictorial Autobiography Of The Hercules Of The Screen Joe BonomoThe Rose And The RingThe Forced Marriage Or The Jealous BridegroomThe Jewish Peril Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion (Kessinger Publishing's Rare Reprints)Elijah: The Prophet And His MissionGolden ManuscriptsThe RosaryThey Also ServeMrs. Leicester's School And Other Writings In Prose And VerseThe Tabernacle In The WildernessBrother Andre of Saint Joseph's OratoryIllusionsBlossom and the Fruit a True Story of a Black MagicianThe CrucibleCheiro's Guide to the HandEncyclopedia of Superstitions 1949Maxims of State and a Selection from Political, Moral and Miscellaneous Thoughts and Reflections by the Right Noble Lord, the Late Lord Marquess of HalifaxThe Complete Short Stories of Guy de Maupassant Part OneCulpeper's Complete HerbalExtra Sensory PerceptionAnthropological Studies in the Strange Sexual Practices of All Races in All AgesTemple Prostitution In India And Erotic Elements In Religions And CultsTristram And IseultThe House With The Mezzanine: And Other StoriesFlying Sails of My BookhouseScience of the EmotionsFearsome Creatures Of The Lumberwoods: With A Few Desert And Mountain BeastsEnglish PoemsSleeping Beauty and Other Prose FanciesThe History of Rome, Vol 2A Treatise Of GhostsThe Vampire In Greece And Rome Of OldThe Werewolf in LiteratureThe Pursuit Of The Well BelovedMasks in a PageantPeter Schlemihl the Shadowless ManAdventures In Self-DiscoveryThe Complete Works Of Thomas Brooks V1: Containing Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices, Apples Of Gold For Young Men And Women And MoreShaun O'Day of IrelandMinor Traditions of British MythologyBobokTongues of Fire a Bible of Sacred Scriptures of the Pagan WorldThe Outdoor Girls At Rainbow Lake; or, The Stirring Cruise of the Motor Boat GemChromo Therapy In Light And Colors As Promoters Of Health In All ConditionsStory of the Human AuraThree Plays With Happy Endings: The Return Of The Prodigal; The Charity That Began At Home; The Cassilis EngagementKnights Templar Grades Of FreemasonryAdventures In The Rifle Brigade: In The Peninsula, France And The Netherlands From 1809 To 1815Divine and Moral Songs for the Use of ChildrenPelham or Adventures of a GentlemanIfThe Letters of Dostoyevsky to His WifeKipling's Poems: Plain Tales From the Hills and OthersThree Plays By Clifford Odets: Awake And Sing, Waiting For Lefty, Till The Day I DieSepher YetzirahConfucian AnalectsBechamp or Pasteur: A Lost Chapter in the History of BiologyGreat Masters of the Himalayas: Their Lives and TeachingsThe Man In The Iron MaskAmazing Secrets of the Yogi and The Gateway to ProsperityElegiac Sonnets And Other PoemsRaphael's Ancient Manuscript of Talismanic MagicSplendor SolisThe Heart of Princess OsraDostoevsky Portrayed By His Wife: The Diary And Reminiscences Of Mme. DostoevskyThe Problem Of Cell 13Beachy Head with Other PoemsThe HarborThe Recollections of Alexis de TocquevilleLegends Of The Egyptian GodsThe AnacondaThe Story Of Gosta BerlingBritish Goblins: Welsh Folk Lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and TraditionsEighteenth Century Chemistry as It Relates to AlchemyTears of Repentance Or A Further Narrative of the Progress of the Gospel Amongst the Indians in New EnglandNarratives of the Witchcraft Cases 1648 to 1706Rachel Dyer: A North American StoryNever the Twain Shall MeetHistory Of LouisianaColas BreugnonHistory Of The Conquest Of PeruMorals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Freemasonry 1The Sorry Tale: A Story Of The Time Of ChristGolden Fleece: The Story Of Franz Joseph And Elisabeth Of AustriaThe Cloud of UnknowingHappy HouseBacon's Secret Disclosed in Contemporary BooksTip Lewis And His LampFootfalls on the Boundary of Another WorldHupa TextsAdonis Attis Osiris: Studies in the History of Oriental ReligionA History Of The Life And Death, Virtues And Exploits Of General George Washington: With Curious Anecdotes Equally Honorable To Himself And Exemplary To His Young CountrymenShouts and Murmurs: Echoes of a Thousand and One First NightsPersian Literature Comprising The Shah Nameh, The Rubaiyat, The Divan And The Gulistan Volume 1Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam: English, French And German Translations Comparatively Arranged V1The Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam JuniorThe Jewish Festivals: From Their Beginnings to Our Own DayThe Biography Of A BabySorrows of SatanPrana The LifeThe Secret Of PranaPictures And Biographies Of Brigham Young And His WivesThe Golden SnareThe MouseThe River's End a New Story of God's CountryThe Strength Of MenShakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream: A StudyMore Lives Than OneThe Art of VelasquezPopular Writings of O. Henry V1Not Peace, But a Sword: Being Studies in Christian MysticismAdventures of an African Slaver: Being a True Account of the Life of Captain Theodore Canot, Trader in Gold, Ivory and Slaves on the Coast of GuineaA Southside View Of Slavery: Or Three Months At The South, In 1854Hero Tales From American HistoryWomen Of Colonial And Revolutionary Times: Eliza Pinckney; Journal And Letters Of Eliza LucasThe Fortunes Of Maurice Cronin V2Mohammedanism: Lectures On Its Origin, Its Religious And Political Growth And Its Present StatePeacham's Compleat Gentleman, 1634The History and Description of Africa Vol. 1The Borgias And The CenciThe Philosophy of Al Farabi and Its Influence on Medieval ThoughtThe Call Of The Offshore WindThe Land Of Little RainThe Ten Commandments: An Investigation Into The Origin And Meaning Of The Decalogue And An Analysis Of Its Ethical And Moral Value As A Code Of Conduct In Modern SocietyMademoiselle FifiClavis Calendaria, Or A Compendious Analysis Of The Calendar V2The Monadology and Other Philosophical WritingsElements Of Gaelic Grammar: In Four PartsThe Brazilian CatThe History Of Dartmouth CollegeFree AirMyths And Folklore Of IrelandThe Mormon Battalion: Its History And AchievementsFourth Book of Occult PhilosophyThree Books of Occult Philosophy or Magic: Natural MagicThe House On The BorderlandLife and Death of That Reverend Man of God Mr. Richard Mather, Teacher in the Church in Dorchester, New EnglandRules Of Racing: National Steeplechase And Hunt AssociationSome Deeper Aspects of Masonic SymbolismLamiaJourney To The Western Isles Of ScotlandHistory of Magic: Including a Clear, and Precise Exposition of Its Procedure, Rites and MysteriesMagical Ritual of the Sanctum RegnumThe Major Symptoms Of Hysteria: Fifteen Lectures Given In The Medical School Of Harvard UniversityMarie Antoinette At The Tuileries, 1789-1791The Divining RodProvidence In Colonial TimesThe League of Youth/Pillars of Society (Collected Works of Henrik Ibsen)The Complete Works of Alfred TennysonLives Of The English Poets Prior: CongreveMoral Man And Immoral Society: A Study In Ethics And PoliticsPatrick HenryCase Of The Registered LetterKingdom Of Lu: The Virtuous Reforms Of Confucius Therein, Something About His Rival Sage Lao-Tsze And More About That Deplorable Vagabond And Clown Mong PiHead and ShouldersMassacre At ParisA Daughter Of Han: The Autobiography Of A Chinese Working WomanRobert E. Lee the SouthernerBlack Sheep: Adventures In West AfricaCoronado: Knight of the Pueblos and PlainsThe Career Of The Marquis De Mores In The Bad Lands Of North DakotaModern British PoetryThe House Of IslamLetters of John Huss Written During His Exile and ImprisonmentThe Poem Book of the Gael: Translations from Irish Gaelic Poetry into English Prose and VerseThe Knights of the CrossTorchbearers of SpiritualismThe SnowstormThe Tenure of Kings and MagistratesThe Sufferings of John Coustos for Freemasonry and for His Refusing to Turn Roman Catholic in the Inquisition at LisbonZebulon B. Vance As War Governor Of North Carolina 1862-65The Practical Angler: Or The Art Of Trout-Fishing, More Particularly Applied To Clear WaterDepartmental Ditties and Ballads and Barrack Room BalladsGolden Tales Of The Far WestNo, Not Dead, They Live! a Study of Personal Immortality from the Standpoint of a Physician and SurgeonCare For God's Fruit Trees And Other MessagesThe Story Of My Life: Recollections And ReflectionsXinguValpergaPrayerKiana: A Tradition Of HawaiiLives of the Necromancers: An Account of the Most Eminent Persons in Successive Ages Who Have Claimed for Themselves or to Whom Has Been ImputedBalder: Part The FirstPhilistine: A Periodical of Protest, December 1895 to May 1896Advantages And Disadvantages - PamphletNarrative of My Captivity Among the Sioux IndiansPigs Is Pigs and Other FavoritesEssays on de Gourmont and ByronEssays on Montaigne, Pascal and VoltaireNotes of a Journey Through France and ItalyRound The Sofa V1Candle of VisionThe Masque of Anarchy: Written on Occasion of the Massacre at ManchesterShelley, Peterloo And The Mask Of AnarchyFamous New Deals Of History: Rousseau's Social Contract; Sir Thomas More's, Utopia; Bacon's, New Atlantis; Campanella's, City Of The SunKeyboard Suites of J. S. BachWisdom From AtlantisLegenda and Readings of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of FreemasonryThe Dark Night of the SoulA Woman SoldUna And The Red Cross Knight And Other Tales From Spenser's Faery QueeneDorothy Dixon Wins Her WingsMaddened By Mystery And Other StoriesBirds Of The BibleAt the Foot of the RainbowKing Arthur's Knights: The Tales Retold For Boys And GirlsThe Diary Of The Lady Anne CliffordA Narrative of the Captivity and Adventures of John Tanner, U. S. Interpreter at the Saut de Ste. Marie During Thirty Years Residence Among the IndiHelmets And Body Armor In Modern Warfare: The Metropolitan Museum Of ArtJames Joyce: The Last JourneyThe Haunted House A True Ghost StoryThe Magical Mimics In Oz (Book 37)Dialogue Between Joseph Smith and the Devil about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day SaintsThe Awakening of Helena RichieRecollections Of General Grant With An Account Of The Presentation Of The Portraits Of Generals Grant, Sherman And Sheridan At The U.S. Military Academy, West PointMoths Of The LimberlostComic Tragedies: Written By Jo And Meg And Acted By The Little WomenThe History Of England From James IIThe City of MasksBhagavad-Gita: The Song of GodThe Buccaneers And Their Reign Of TerrorSources For Greek History Between The Persian And Peloponnesian WarsThe Wisdom of the Chinese: Their Philosophy in Sayings and ProverbsMemoirs of Service Afloat: During the War Between the StatesThe Old Huntsman and Other PoemsRamayanaPhilippine Folklore StoriesMemoirs Of The Court And Reign Of Catherine The Second, Empress Of Russia: With A Brief Survey Of The Romanoff DynastyThe Story Of Dorothy StanfieldJohann Gottlieb Fichte: A Study Of His Political Writings With Special Reference To His NationalismThe Christiad: A Poem In Six BooksForest Glen or The Mohawk's FriendshipOmai: First Polynesian Ambassador To EnglandThe Disaster of Darien: The Story of the Scots Settlement and the Causes of Its Failure 1699 - 1701Mosaical Philosophy Grounded Upon the Essential Truth Or Eternal SapienceProphecy, Occult, Theosophical And Cabalistical TeachingsTractatus Theologo PhilosophicusThe Mystery Of Dionysos And The Sacred Drama Of EleusisJesus: The Last Great InitiateThe Mysteries Of EleusisHermes and PlatoBeauty And The BeastThe Sacred Magic Of The Qabbalah: The Science Of Divine NamesThe Works Of Fisher Ames: With A Selection From His Speeches And Correspondence V2Man: His True Nature and MinistryMinor Doctrines Of St. MartinUnknown Philosopher: The Life of Louis Claude de St. Martin and the Substance of His Transcendental DoctrineMan The Mirror Of God's Wonders And Keys To The Wonders Of NatureNature: A Prison For Man - PamphletThe French Mystic: Louis Claude de St. MartinIn the Inward Man of St. MartinThe Life Of Louis Claude de St. MartinThe Mystical Philosophy of NumbersPrayers Of Saint-MartinSome Aphorisms And Maxims Of Saint-MartinWar In The Garden Of EdenWords That Shook The World Or Martin Luther His Own Biographer: Being Pictures Of The Great Reformer, Sketched Mainly From His Own SayingsSelected Prose Writings Of John MiltonThe Salt-Box House: Eighteenth Century Life In A New England Hill TownPrivate Life of TutankhamenAddress to Protestant Dissenters of All DenominationsDiscourses on the Evidence of Revealed ReligionHuckleberries Gathered From New England HillsEuclid's Elements Of Geometry, Containing The Whole Twelve Books: To Which Are Added, Algebraic Demonstrations To The Second And Fifth BooksThe First Three Books of Euclid's Elements of Geometry from the Text of Dr. Robert Simson Together with Various Useful Theorems and Problems as Geometrical Exercises of Each BookThe Mental BodyCausal Body and the EgoCaruso and Tetrazzini on the Art of SingingLadies in Hades: A Story of Hell's Smart Set & Gentlemen in Hades: The Story of a Damned DebutanteThe Lady With A Dog And Other StoriesBritish Poets Of The Nineteenth Century V1: Poems By Wordsworth, Coleridge, Scott, Byron, Shelley, Keats, Landor, Tennyson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Browning, Clough, Arnold, Rossetti, Morris, SwinburneDeathThe Truth About the TitanicPatty In ParisThe Camp Fire Girls Go Motoring; or, Along the Road That Leads the WayPersonalityJubilee Year of the Supreme Council of Sovereign Grand Inspectors General of the 33rd and Last Degree of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Part 1Black Haiti: A Biography of Africa's Eldest DaughterAnimism: The Seed of ReligionMy Rendezvous With LifeWhy Not Try God?A New Pantheon: Or Fabulous History Of The Heathen Gods, Heroes And GoddessesDale Hunter's Collection Of Hill Billy And Cowboy Songs: Including Blues And Yodel SongsHands Around Reigen: A Cycle of Ten DialoguesSpinifex And Sand: Five Years' Pioneering And Exploration In Western AustraliaThe Come OnIndian Fairy TalesKing of Kor Or She's Promise Kept, a Continuation of the Great Story of SheThe Book Of The Courtier: From The Italian Of Count Baldassare CastiglioneThe Personal Papers of Anton ChekhovFive Plays: The Gods Of The Mountain, The Golden Doom, King Argimenes And The Unknown Warrior, The Glittering Gate, The Lost Silk HatTales of Mystery and ImaginationKings and the MoonThe Famous Tragedy Of The Queen Of Cornwall At Tintagel In LyonnesseWith Cochrane the Dauntless A Tale of the Exploits of Lord Cochrane in South American WatersThe Valley of the Shadows: The Coming of the Civil War in Lincoln's Midwest, A Contemporary AccountMyths of Babylonia and AssyriaMystic MandrakeThe Last Of The Foresters Or Humors On The Border A Story Of The Old Virginia FrontierThe Fall Of LuciferThe Story Of A Bold Tin SoldierThe Story Of A White Rocking HorseRoman de BrutAntiquity Unveiled: Ancient Voices from the Spirit Realms Proving Christianity to Be of Heathen OriginAn Iceland FishermanJapanese Fairy TalesCertain Noble Plays of JapanBenedict Arnold, The Proud WarriorThe Letters Of George Gordon, Sixth Lord ByronThe Indian DrumApparitions and Thought Transference: An Examination of the Evidence for TelepathyGod the Invisible KingHenry Cornelius Agrippa's Practice Of Magic As Described In The First Book Of Occult ScienceTeutonic MythologyThe Noble Duke Of York: The Military Life Of Frederick Duke Of York And AlbanyVanishing Roads And Other EssaysSacred Books and Early Literature of the East, Vol. 14: The Great Rejected Books of the Biblical ApocryphaSacred Books and Early Literature of the East, Vol. 1: Babylonia and AssyriaSacred Books and Early Literature of the East, Vol. 9: India and BrahmanismSakuntala and Minor Poems of Kalidasa the Chief Hindu Poet 500 A.D.My Brother YvesSpinoza And Buddha: Visions Of A Dead GodA Short Introduction To Raja YogaBhakti-YogaComplete Works Parts 1 and 2The Prescription Against HereticsA Hunter's SketchesThe Beginnings of Seership: Astral Projection, Clairvoyance and ProphecyWilliam James And Henri Bergson: A Study In Contrasting Theories Of LifeThe Man Eaters Of Tsavo And Other East African AdventuresThe Life Of Toyotomi HideyoshiTwo Babylons or the Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His WifeScouting on Two ContinentsThe Art of LoveThe Autobiography of Benvenuto CelliniAutobiography Of Benvenuto CelliniTravels with a Donkey in the Cevennes; An Inland VoyageMr. Milo Bush And Other Worthies: Their RecollectionsThe Four-Fifteen ExpressGolden Tales Of CanadaThe Tale Of Tommy FoxTomorrow Will ComeNot Without SorceryHugh, Earl Of Tyrone And Notices Of Walter, First Earl Of EssexMemoirs Of A RevolutionistDone in the OpenThe Spirit of OpulenceBrigadier Frederick And The Dean's WatchThe Story Of The AmuletHow To Draw Horses: Horses In Action, Horse AnatomyIphigenia In TaurusHaunted Places in EnglandThe Magnificent AdventureThe Law of the LandThe Military Institutions of the RomansLight on the PathThe New Life, La Vita Nuova, Of Dante AlighieriEncyclopedia of Freemasonry Part 1 And its Kindred Sciences Comprising the Whole Range of Arts, Sciences and Literature as Connected With the InstitutionCloud of Prejudice: A Study in Anti-MasonryMugby JunctionAncient Wisdom: An Outline of Theosophical TeachingsThe Fun Of It: Random Records Of My Own Flying And Of Women In AviationParisian Points of ViewLife of PasteurA Brief History Of Modern PhilosophyThe House by the Medlar TreeThe Wisdom Of ChildrenDoc Savage: Bequest of EvilCoconut Oil: June Triplett's Amazing Book Out of Darkest Africa!Marquis De Sade's 120 Days Of Sodom Or The School For Libertinage And The Sex Life Of The French Age Of DebaucheryThe Function Of Criticism At The Present TimeSixth and Seventh Book of MosesThe Lady Or The Tiger And Other StoriesThe Laws of Manu (Sacred Books of the East 25)Ode On A Grecian Urn And Other PoemsArctic Explorations And Discoveries During The Nineteenth Century: Being Detailed Accounts Of The Several Expeditions To The North SeasThe Note Book Of An Attache: Seven Months In The War ZoneIn Black and White and Under the DeodarsEleusinian Mysteries and RitesAfter The FireCreditorsJack Hildreth On The NileThe Baptism In The Holy Ghost Or Before And After Pentecost: An Exegesis Of Acts One And TwoHugh Wynne, Free Quaker V1: Sometime Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel On The Staff Of His Excellency General WashingtonHermetica Part 2: The Ancient Greek and Latin Writings Which Contain Religious or Philosophic Teachings Ascribed to Hermes TrismegistusA Kiss for CinderellaThe Wishing MoonQuality Street: A ComedyThe Young Visitors: Or Mr. Salteena's PlanTommy and GrizelSt. Bartholomew's Eve: A Tale Of The Huguenot WarsTexas And The Texans V1: Or Advance Of The Anglo-Americans To The SouthwestThe Scouring Of The White Horse Or, The Long Vacation Ramble Of A London ClerkMilton's Ode On The Morning Of Christ's Nativity: L'Allegro, Il Penseroso And LycidasLetters to StrongheartSlavery During The Third Dynasty Of UrThe Enemy at the Gate, a Book of Famous Sieges: Their Causes, Their Progress and Their ConsequencesSocial Psychology: The Natural History Of Human NatureThe Acts of the Apostles In the Proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus ChristTanglewood Tales: A Wonder Book for Girls and BoysThe Clue Of The Silver SpoonsTrue and Faithful Relation of What Passed for Many Years Between Dr. John Dee and Some SpiritsThe Wit And Wisdom Of Alfred North WhiteheadThe Dale Carnegie Course, The Little Red Book: How The Course Is Conducted, What You Do At Each SessionIdeas Of Good And EvilMichael Robartes and the DancerThe Secret RoseCasual Essays of The Sun: Editorial Articles on Many Subjects Clothed with the Philosophy of the Bright Side of ThingsTwo Years In The Jungle: The Experiences Of A Hunter And Naturalist In India, Ceylon, The Malay Peninsula And BorneoA Manual Of Naval ArchitectureAn Introduction To The Principles Of Morals And LegislationIn Search of the MiraculousSadhana the Realization of LifeChantecler: Play in Four ActsTheft: A Play In Four ActsThe Life Of King AlfredOf The Principles And Origins Of Nature According To The Fables Of Cupid And HeavenWhat Wilson Did At ParisThe Borgias: Alexander VI, Caesar, LucreziaThe DerelictThe Finding of the GraikenTraditional Aspects of Hell, Ancient and ModernThe Coming Force: Vril Or What?: Rosicrucian Christianity Lecture 19The Treasure Of The IncasAt AgincourtFifty Years Below Zero: A Lifetime Of Adventure In The Far NorthChess In Iceland And In Icelandic Literature: With Historical Notes On Other Table-GamesSome Learned Fables For Good Old Boys And GirlsFive Little Peppers And Their FriendsLife of ChristTheories As To The Authorship Of The Rosicrucian ManifestoesThe Political Songs Of England From The Reign Of John To That Of Edward IILectures On Rhetoric And Oratory V2English As She Is Spoke; Or A Jest In Sober EarnestRudolph Valentino His Romantic Life and DeathA Book On Building, Civil And Ecclesiastical; With The Theory Of Domes And Of The Great PyramidA Disputation on Holy Scripture Against the Papists, Especially Bellarmine and StapletonThe Bobbsey Twins at Spruce LakeRoads of Destiny, Whistling Dick's Christmas Stocking and Other StoriesThe Story Of The Mormons From The Date Of Their Origin To The Year 1901Infant ProdigiesThe Death Of Abel, In Five Books; With A Sketch Of The Life Of The Author: To Which Is Added The Death Of Cain In Five Books,920 O'Farrell StreetIn Search Of The Castaways Or The Children Of Captain GrantA Prisoner In The CaucasusThe Power Of DarknessThe Book Of The Courtier: From The Italian Of Count Baldassare CastiglioneA Narrative By Dn. Angel Herreros De Mora Of His Imprisonment By The Tribunal Of The Faith And Escape From SpainThe Prince and BettyDivine Providence and the Problem of Evil: St Augustine's De OrdineA Contribution to the Critique of Political EconomyChurch History And Modern Revelation: A Course Of Study For The Melchizedek Priesthood Quorums For The Year 1949How To Write A Play: Letters From Augier, De Banville, Dennery, Dumas Fils, Godinet, Labiche, Legouve, Pailleron, Sardou, And ZolaAnacalypsis Part 1 An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil of the Saitic Isis or an Inquiry into the Origin of Languages, Nations and ReligionsThe Diary of Samuel PepysThe Inheritance, Volume 1Diary And Letters Of Madame D'ArblayThe Poor And The Land: Being A Report On The Salvation Army Colonies In The United States And At Hadleigh, EnglandThe Ninevah Court In The Crystal PalaceHorseshoe Or The True Legend of St. Dunstan and the DevilPreventive Medicine: Including A Disquisition On Therapeutic PhilosophyWanderings Among South Sea Savages And In Borneo And The PhilippinesThe Leavenworth Case: A Lawyers StoryThe Fortunes Of Perkin Warbeck A RomanceThe Rover Boys On The River Or The Search For The Missing HouseboatJean of the Lazy AA House Boat on the Styx (Hades #1)The Vicar of WakefieldPioneer StoriesSix Old English Chronicles: Ethelwerd's Chronicle, Asser's Life Of Alfred, Geoffrey Of Monmouth's British History, Gildas, Nennius And Richard Of CirencesterAnacalypsis: An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil of the Saitic Isis, or An Inquiry into the Origin of Languages, Nations & ReligionsAthanase De Mezieres And The Louisiana Texas Frontier V1, 1768-1780Athanase De Mezieres And The Louisiana Texas Frontier V2, 1768-1780The History And Pleasant Chronicle Of Little Jehan De Saintre And Of The Lady Of The Fair Cousins; Together With The Book Of The Knight Of The Tower, LandryNonsense NovelsA Desert Drama Being the Tragedy of the KoroskoTales Of Troy: Ulysses, The Sacker Of CitiesWelsh Fairy Tales And Other StoriesBirch Bark Legends Of NiagaraThe Conquest Of BreadCelebrated Crimes: The Borgias And The Cenci V1The Ways of Knowing or The Methods of PhilosophyToxemia Explained: The True Interpretation of the Cause of DiseaseRussian Folk-Songs As Sung By The People And Peasant Wedding Ceremonies Customary In Northern And Central RussiaThe Works of George Berkeley Part OneL'Aiglon: A Play in Six ActsThe Christ of the Mount: A Working Philosophy of LifeThe Christ of the Indian RoadJohn Jacob AstorAtlantis: The Antediluvian WorldDid Man Exist Before The Drift?Legends Of The Age Of DarknessThe Voyage And Shipwreck Of St. Paul: With Dissertations On The Sources Of The Writings Of St. Luke And The Ships And Navigation Of The AntientsThe Dream Of The Rood: An Old English Poem Attributed To CynewulfChristian Theology V2Christian Theology V3Christian Theology V1The Professor And The Fossil: Some Observations On Arnold J. Toynbee's A Study Of HistoryInquiry Into the Scriptural Import of the Words Sheol, Hades, Tartarus and Gehenna: All Translated HellA Letter To Grover Cleveland On His False Inaugural Address: The Usurpations And Crimes Of Lawmakers And Judges And The Consequent Poverty, Ignorance And Servitude Of The PeopleThe Life Of Dan RiceLife After Death and How Theosophy Unveils ItLaws Of Marriage And ProcreationThe All Wise Door Keeper Or A Fourfold Figure Exhibiting The Hermetic Science Of Things Above And Things BelowBeacon Lights of History, Part 2: Ancient Achievements and Imperial AntiquityThe Real Mormonism: A Candid Analysis of an Interesting But Much Misunderstood Subject in History, Life and ThoughtPalestinaLife Is ConsciousnessMonad and Other Essays Upon the Higher ConsciousnessThe Barnabys In America Or Adventures Of The Widow WeddedOn The Resurrection Of The FleshAgainst The ValentiniansThe Curlytops at Sunset Beach; Or, What Was Found in the Sand (The Curlytops, #9)The Far West V2: Or A Tour Beyond The MountainChristianity And Secularism: Report Of A Public Discussion Between The Rev. 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Well! You Know How Women Are! 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