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Following are some books under publication of Lucent Books

Smallpox (Diseases and Disorders)Adolf HitlerLou Gehrig's Disease (Diseases and Disorders)The Origin of Species: Darwin's Theory of EvolutionThe Importance of Fidel CastroLeopold and Loeb: Teen Killers (Famous Trials)Legalizing Drugs (Overview Series)Understanding Great Literature: The Great GatsbyThe Ancient Egyptians (Lost Civilizations)The Making of the Atom Bomb (World History)Indigenous Peoples of North America - The Blackfeet (Indigenous Peoples of North America)Indigenous Peoples of North America - The Inuit (Indigenous Peoples of North America)A Travel Guide to Al Capone's ChicagoThe Oklahoma City BombingWomen in History - Women of the Renaissance (Women in History)The Chicago Bulls (Great Sports Teams)The Chicago White Sox (Great Sports Teams)The New York Rangers (Great Sports Teams)Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Nobel Prize-Winning AuthorJesse Ventura (People in the News)Tattoos and Body Piercing (Overview Series)The Ancient Persians (Lost Civilizations)The Persian Gulf War: The War Against Iraq (American War Library)Amer War Lib: Weapons of War: Persian GulfAmer War Lib: Life of a American Soldier Persian GulfModern Nations of the World - Bolivia (Modern Nations of the World)World Hunger (Overview Series)The Forensic AnthropologistThe White House (Building History)Teen MothersThe ElderlyThe Industrial Revolution (World History)The Early Middle Ages (World History)The Late Middle Ages (World History)The Way People Live - Life Among the Inca (The Way People Live)Lost Civilizations: The IncaThe RenaissanceThe Battle of Gettysburg: Battles of the Civil WarLife of a Medieval KnightThe Civil War (World History)Titanic (Building History)Albert Einstein (The importance of)The Importance Of Series - William Shakespeare (The Importance Of Series)Understanding Great Literature - Romeo and Juliet (Understanding Great Literature)The Kennedy Assassination (The Mystery Library)The Cold War: Containing the Communists: America's Foreign Entanglements (American War Library)Black Holes (Lucent Library of Science & Technology)The Importance Of Series - Maya Angelou (The Importance Of Series)Urban Legends (The Mystery Library)The Golden Gate Bridge (Building History)Tim Allen (People in the News)Oskar Schindler (Heroes & Villains)Robin Williams (People in the News)The Tuskegee Experiments: Forty Years of Medical Racism (Lucent Library of Black History)The French Revolution (World History)People in the News: Jennifer Love Hewitt -LMarilyn Monroe (Mysterious Deaths)Christopher Reeve (People in the News)Hist Greatest Defeats: French RevolutionBen StillerThe Trial of Joan of ArcThe Battle of Waterloo (Great Battles in History)Great Battles in History: Battle of ZamaThe Importance of Emma Goldman (Importance of)Rulers of Ancient RomeWomen in History - Women of Colonial America (Women in History)The Jeweler's ArtHistory Makers - Leaders of Women's Suffrage (History Makers)The Importance of Stephen Hawking (Importance of)The MinoansAncient Greece (World History)World War II in Pacific (World History)Jackie Robinson and the Integration of Baseball (Lucent Library of Black History)Responding to Attack: The Firefighters and The Police (The Lucent Library of Homeland Security)Computer Viruses (The Lucent Library of Science and Technology)Bacteria and Viruses (The Lucent Library of Science and Technology)The London Transit System Bombings (Lucent Terrorism Library)Mummies, Myth, and Magic: Religion in Ancient Egypt (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)Marcus Garvey and the Back to Africa Movement (Lucent Library of Black History)Cloning (The Lucent Library of Science and Technology)The Unholy Crusade: The Ransacking of Medieval ConstantinoplePlate Tectonics (The Lucent Library of Science and Technology)A Dream Deferred: The Jim Crow Era (Lucent Library of Black History)Human Rights in the Middle East (Lucent Library of Conflict in the Middle East)Ray Charles and the Birth of Soul (Lucent Library of Black History)Philosophy and Science: The Pursuit of Knowledge (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)People of the Nile: Rhythms of Daily Life (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)Space Stations (Lucent Library of Science & Technology)Telescopes (The Lucent Library of Science and Technology)Genetics (Lucent Library of Science & Technology)A History of the Elizabethan Theatre (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)The Harlem Renaissance (Lucent Library of Black History)The Internet (The Lucent Library of Science and Technology)The 1960s: Life on the Front Lines: The Fight for Civil Rights (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)The Quest for Freedom: The Abolitionist Movement (Lucent Library of Black History)The Middle East: An Overview (Lucent Library of Conflict in the Middle East)The 1960s: The Great Society: The War on Poverty (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)The Ancient Greeks at Home and Work (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)Artistry in Stone: Great Structures of Ancient Egypt (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)The Roman Army: An Instrument of Power (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)Leisure Life of the Ancient Greeks (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)Exploring Mars (The Lucent Library of Science and Technology)The War Against Iraq (Lucent Terrorism Library)The Arab-Israeli Conflict (Lucent Library of Conflict in the Middle East)The Palestinians (Lucent Library of Conflict in the Middle East)From Founding to Fall: A History of Rome (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)Lasers (Lucent Library of Science and Technology)The 1960s: Arts and Entertainment (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)Arts, Leisure, and Sport in Ancient Egypt (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)The Fight Renewed: The Civil Rights Movement (Lucent Library of Black History)Civil Liberties and the War on Terrorism (Lucent Terrorism Library)A History of Free Blacks in America (Lucent Library of Black History)Comets and Asteroids (Lucent Library of Science and Technology)The History of Terrorism (Lucent Terrorism Library)Lucent Library of Science & Technology: Energy AlternativesThe Search for Extraterrestrial Life (Lucent Library of Science and Technology)Elizabethan England: Primary Sources (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)Words of the Ancient Romans: Primary Sources (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)America Under Attack: Primary Sources (Lucent Terrorism Library)ForensicsCleopatra: Egypt's Last Pharaoh (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)Great Elizabethan Playwrites (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)A Peculiar Institution: Slavery in the Plantation South (Lucent Library of Black History)Virtual Reality (The Lucent Library of Science and Technology)A History of the Ancient GreeksGay Rights (Hot Topics)Lords, Ladies, Peasants and Knights: Class in the Middle AgesThe Importance of Lorraine Hansberry (Importance of)Famous Trials - Furman v. Georgia (Famous Trials)The Importance of Dr. SeussJohn Grisham (People in the News)Life in the Negro Baseball Leagues (The Way People Live)Idi Amin (Heroes & Villains)The Final Solution (Holocaust Library)Greek and Roman Mythology (World History)Understanding Great Literature - Understanding Of Mice and Men (Understanding Great Literature)Murder in Mississippi: The 1964 Freedom Summer Killings (Crime Scene Investigations)Pol Pot (Heroes & Villains)The Scopes Trial (Famous Trials)The Trial of Adolf EichmannThe History of Indie RockBh: Great Wall of ChinaAlgeria (Modern Nations of the World)Discovering Mythology - Gods and Goddesses (Discovering Mythology)Teen Alcoholics (The Other America)School Violence (Overview Series)Understanding Johnny Tremain (Understanding Great Literature)Michael J. Fox (People in the News)Words That Changed History - Mein Kampf: Hitler's Blueprint for Aryan Supremacy (Words That Changed History)Lance Armstrong (People in the News)Prince William (People in the News)John SteinbeckThe Importance of J.R.R. TolkienThe Battle of the Little Bighorn (World History)History of Sports: Track & FieldChe Guevara: RevolutionaryEllen Ochoa, First Female Hispanic AstronautRigoberta Menchu, Indian Rights ActivistRoberto Clemente, Baseball Hall of FamerThe Importance of Emily Dickinson (Importance of)The Ebola VirusArts, Leisure and Entertainment: Life of the Ancient Romans (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)Al Capone (Heroes & Villains)Julia Roberts (People in the News)Jennifer Lopez (People in the News)Modern Nations of the World - Chile (Modern Nations of the World)Stephen King (People in the News)The Importance of Edgar Allan PoeJames BaldwinUnderstanding Great Literature: To Kill a MockingbirdGolda MeirLife Among the Great Plains IndiansTeen Dropouts (The Other America)R. L. StinePrincess Diana (People in the News)A Vulnerable America: An Overview of National Security (The Lucent Library of Homeland Security)Hitler's ReichThe Persian Empire (World History)Police Brutality (Overview Series)Tupack ShakurUnderstanding the Catcher in the Rye (Understanding Great Literature)Presidential Assassins (History Makers)The Little Princes in the Tower (Mysterious Deaths)The History of Rock and Roll (The Music Library)The History of Rock and Roll (World History)The History of Punk RockHeroes & Villains - Joan of Arc (Heroes & Villains)Heroes & Villains - Louis Pasteur (Heroes & Villains)Michael Crichton (People in the News)The O.J. Simpson TrialPeople in the News - Oprah Winfrey (People in the News)Barack ObamaUnderstanding Great Literature: I Am the CheeseThe Music Library - The History of Rap and Hip-Hop (The Music Library)The Punic Wars (World History)The Salem Witch Trials (World History)Life in Genghis Khan's Mongolia (The Way People Live)The Caribbean (Indigenous Peoples of the World)Kirsten Dunst (People in the News)Insulin (Great Medical Discoveries)Family Violence (Overview Series)Serial KillersCondoleezza RiceThe Importance of Winston Churchill (Importance of)The Medieval Cathedral (Building History)Muammar al-Qaddafi (Heroes & Villains)The Scientific RevolutionThe DC Sniper ShootingsThe Korean War: Weapons of War (American War Library)Modern Nations of the World - Cambodia (Modern Nations of the World)People in the News - Bono (People in the News)The Korean War (World History)Flying Aces (American War Library)Espionage (Lucent Overview Series)The Rise of Christianity (World History)The Importance of Benjamin Franklin (Importance of)Life During the American Revolution (The Way People Live)The Internment of the Japanese (World History Series)The Importance Of Walt DisneyThe Inquisition (World History)Flying SaucersAcid Rain (Overview Series)Frogs and Toads (Endangered Animals and Habitats)Endangered Animals and Habitats - Owls (Endangered Animals and Habitats)Careers for the Twenty-First Century - Engineering (Careers for the Twenty-First Century)Great Sports Teams - The Colorado Avalanche (Great Sports Teams)Separate But Equal: The Desegregation of America's Schools (Lucent Library of Black History)The Celts (Lost Civilizations)The Birmingham Church BombingThe Age of Augustus (World History)People in the News - Jesse Jackson (People in the News)Reese Witherspoon (People in the News)The Spread of Islam (World History)CaffeineUsherLasers: Humanity's Magic Light (Encyclopedia of Discovery and Invention)Tobey Maguire (People in the News)Modern Nations of the World - Philippines (Modern Nations of the World)The Importance Of Series Hillary Rodham ClintonFrida KahloThe Transcontinental RailroadWorld War I (How Did It Happen?)Animal RightsThe YearlingThe Viking LongshipTeen Issues - Teen Rape (Teen Issues)History's Great Defeats - The Persian Gulf War: Saddam's Failed Invasion (History's Great Defeats)Saddam Hussein (Heroes & Villains)A Life for God: The Medieval MonasteryArtificial OrgansThe New York Knicks (Great Sports Teams)The 1960s War Within a War: Vietnam and the Cold War (Lucent Library of Historical Eras)The U.S. Constitution: Blueprint for DemocracyLife After Death (The Mystery Library)George W. Bush (The Importance Of Series)The Cold War: Collapse of Communism (History's Great Defeats)The Bermuda Triangle (Mystery Library)The Space Race (World History)The Extinction of the Dinosaurs (The Mystery Library)The Roman Republic (World History)Women of Ancient Greece (World History)The HindenburgJoe LouisLucent Terrorism Library - The Patriot Act (Lucent Terrorism Library)The British Empire: The End of Colonialism (History's Great Defeats)Club Drugs (Drug Education Library)Figures of the Salem Witch TrialsUnderstanding Great Literature: BeowulfRoman Roads And AqueductsRosie O'DonnellThe History of Jazz (The Music Library)The Instruments of Music (The Music Library)The Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti (Famous Trials)Carlos Santana, Legendary GuitaristAmerican War Library - Life as a POW: The Vietnam War (American War Library)The Curse of King TutLife During the Black Death (Way People Live)Dominique MoceanuAnimeArt ConservationHistory Makers - Hitler's Henchmen (History Makers)Indigenous Peoples of North America - Native Americans of the Northwest Coast (Indigenous Peoples of North America)America Under Attack: September 11, 2001 (The Lucent Terrorism Library)Leaders Of Ancient GreeceThe Importance Of Series - Abraham Lincoln (The Importance Of Series)MalariaSting (People in the News)Life on a medieval pilgrimage (The Way People Live)The Armenian EarthquakeAmerica's Failure in VietnamThe Pentagon Papers: National Security Versus The Public's Right To KnowAlien Abductions (The Mystery Library)Hemophilia (Diseases and Disorders)The Chinese Cultural Revolution (World History)Understanding Macbeth (Understanding Great Literature)Understanding Hamlet (Understanding Great Literature)History Makers - Pioneers of the American West (History Makers)Telescopes: Searching the Heavens (The Encyclopaedia of Discovery and Invention)The Civil War: Lincoln and the Abolition of SlaveryThe American Revolution: Life of a Soldier Inwashington's ArmyTeens with Cancer (The Other America)Cloning (Overview Series)A Cultural History of the United States Through the Decades - The 1960s (A Cultural History of the United States Through the Decades Series)The Case of the Green River KillerCatastrophe in Southern Asia: The Tsunami of 2004 (Overview Series)Understanding The Lord of the RingsWomen of Ancient Rome (Women in History)Ancient Rome (The History of Weapons and Warfare)Lynching and Murder in the Deep South (Lucent Library of Black History)Discovering Mythology - Death and the Underworld (Discovering Mythology)Teens and Violence (The Other America)The Importance of Anne FrankMormonism (Religions of the World)Women in History: Women of the Middle AgesThe Travels of Marco PoloJ.K. RowlingLife in War-Torn Bosnia (The Way People Live)Understanding the Canterbury Tales (Understanding Great Literature)Life Under the Taliban (The Way People Live)The Atlanta Braves (Great Sports Teams)The Importance of Sir Isaac Newton (Importance of)IO: Jim HensonGenghis Khan's Mongol Empire (Lost Civilizations)Life in the Hitler Youth (The Way People Live)The Scarlet Letter (Understanding Great Literature)The Nuremberg Trials (World History Series)Women of the Civil Rights Movement (Women in History)The History of the BluesNelson Mandela (Heroes & Villains)Filmmakers (History Makers)The Importance of: Bruce LeeJulia Alvarez: Novelist and PoetThe Importance of H.G. WellsA Cultural History of the United States Through the Decades: The 1950sDNA on Trial (Overview Series)Josef Mengele (Heroes & Villains)Diseases and Disorders - Anorexia and Bulimia (Diseases and Disorders)Life of a Roman Gladiator (The Way People Live)Understanding Frankenstein (Understanding Great Literature)Germs: Mysterious MicroorganismsColin Powell (People in the News)The Importance of Charlie Chaplin (Importance of)Drew Barrymore (People in the News)The Loch Ness Monster (Exploring the Unknown)The Loch Ness Monster (The Mystery Library)Emergency Response (Careers for the Twenty-First Century)Adam SandlerSandra BullockBuilding History: Taj MahalDrug Education Library - Marijuana (Drug Education Library)The Ganges (Rivers of the World)Life in Ancient Athens (The Way People Live)