Following are some books under publication of Routledge

Meet the Philosophers of Ancient Greece: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Ancient Greek Philosophy But Didn't Know Who to AskNeo-Bohemia: Art and Commerce in the Postindustrial City: Art and Commerce in the Postindustrial CityGender, Kinship and Power: A Comparative and Interdisciplinary HistoryUnderstanding Japanese SocietyJohn Cage's Theatre PiecesConceptualising Child-Adult RelationsPeople Out of Place: Globalization, Human Rights and the Citizenship GapEnglish Inside and Out: The Places of Literary CriticismWomen Out of Place: The Gender of Agency and the Race of NationalityMoney, Incentives and Efficiency in the Hungarian Economic ReformA Poetics of Jesus: The Search for Christ Through Writing in the Nineteenth CenturyThe Struggle for the American Curriculum, 1893-1958Forging the American Curriculum: Essays in Curriculum History and TheoryPopular Autocracy in Greece, 1936-1941: A Political Biography of General Ioannis MetaxasPhiladelphia Gentlemen: The Making of a National Upper ClassBiography: Writing LivesTheodosius: The Empire at BayBismarckNerva and the Roman Succession Crisis of Ad 96-99 (Roman Imperial Biographies)MussoliniTiberius the PoliticianChinese Society: Change, Conflict and ResistancePsychotherapists as Parent Coordinator in High-Conflict DivorceArchitecture: The Subject Is MatterThe Corporate Responsibility Code BookThe Survival Guide for Business FamiliesReconciling Relationships and Preserving the Family Business: Tools for SuccessJustifying Ethics: Human Rights and Human NatureMedia, Process, and the Social Construction of Crime: Studies in Newsmaking CriminologyThe Historians of Late AntiquityRoad to El-AguzeinMarshall McLuhanChildren's Films: History, Ideology, Pedagogy, TheoryEncyclopedia Of The Documentary Film, Volume 3 P-Z IndexFinancial Liberalization and the Reconstruction of State-Market RelationsReform, Revolution and French Global Policy, 1787-1791The Political Thought of Joseph Stalin: A Study in Twentieth Century Revolutionary PatriotismBritish Imperialism: 1688–2000Early Freud and Late Freud: Reading Anew Studies on Hysteria and Moses and MonotheismIn Search of a Voice: Karaoke and the Construction of Identity in Chinese AmericaSexuality in Adolescence: Current TrendsSexuality and Its Discontents: Meanings, Myths, and Modern SexualitiesSex Workers as Virtual BoyfriendsThe Everyday Lives of Sex Workers in the NetherlandsSex Work and Sex WorkersWriting Back to Modern Art: After Greenberg, Fried, and ClarkThe Art of Monetary PolicyFeminist Genealogies, Colonial Legacies, Democratic FuturesThe Foundation and Future of Feminist TherapyThe Puritan Origins of American Sex: Religion, Sexuality, and National Identity in American Literature