Transaction Publishers

Following are some books under publication of Transaction Publishers

Workers in the Industrial Revolution: Recent Studies of Labor in the United States and EuropeStudies in Sinological Sex: Religion, Racism, and NationalismTherapeia: Plato's Conception of PhilosophySexual Selection and the Descent of Man: The Darwinian PivotWe: A Novel of the FuturePublic Welfare: Notes from UndergroundPopulation Policy AnalysisCovert ActionAfrican Presence Early Eur(ser7#2)Egypt RevisitedIn Cold BloodDeviance and Liberty: Social Problems and Public PolicySpace in Persian PaintingThe Origin of Values: Sociology and Philosophy of BeliefsCuba, Castro, and the Caribbean: The Cuban Revolution and the Crisis in Western ConscienceSecret Report on the Cuban RevolutionThe Dilemma of American Immigration: Beyond the Golden DoorHispanics in the United StatesEthics of Terrorism & Counter-TerrorismThe North Korean Economy: Between Crisis & CatastropheThe GhettoSeperating Fools from Their Money: A History of American Financial ScandalsManufacturing DesireDemocracy--The God That Failed: The Economics and Politics of Monarchy, Democracy, and Natural OrderBlack Women in AntiquityDark Side of LoveThe Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism, Capitalism, Sovietism and FascismNew Directions in Farm, Land and Food PoliciesFoundations of Futures StudiesI Chose JusticeCombating Piracy: Intellectual Property Theft and FraudIntegrated Developmental and Life-Course Theories of OffendingAfrican Presence in Early AsiaTraining for DevelopmentPersonality and Memory Correlates of Intellectual Functioning: Young Adulthood to Old AgeAmerican Music: From Storyville to WoodstockThe Life of the Sudanese MahdiAbsolutism and Its Discontents: State and Society in Seventeenth Century France and EnglandThe Changing BedouinPhoenix: Facism In Our TimeThe Politics Of The American Civil Liberties UnionObeying Orders: Atrocity, Military Disipline, and the Law of WarShifting the Debate: Public/Private Sector Relations in the Modern Welfare StateAnnual Review of Jazz Studies 3Law, Society, and Industrial JusticeThe Deceived MajorityA Life Against the GrainAustria in the Twentieth CenturyA Leningrad Diary: Survival During World War IIThe Peasant View of the Good Life: The Correspondence of Robert Redfield and F. G. Freidmann